MEC / McDaniel Equipment

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MEC / McDaniel Equipment is NOT and has never been, a recognized Participant in ALI’s Automotive Lift Inspector Certification Program and, as of this “Buyer Beware” posting, is NOT authorized to infer compliance or depict the registered corporate mark of the Automotive Lift Institute as displayed on the image below.

Counsel for the Automotive Lift Institute engaged this company in 2016 after inquiries involving the unauthorized use of  ALI’s trademark on inspection forms and the inspection label being placed onto automotive lifts. ALI Counsel again engaged this company on December 19, 2018, regarding the unauthorized use of ALI’s corporate mark, inferring the inspection work by McDaniel Equipment Company is performed in accordance with ALI’s nationally accredited lift inspector certification program. This purposeful action is misleading to the public, health and safety officials, technicians working under each lift, and the unsuspecting purchaser of these services.

It is believed inspection services associated with this Buyer Beware notification took place in the areas of Memphis and Arkansas between 2016 and December of 2018. Consumers with lifts bearing one of these unauthorized labels are asked to remove and destroy the label and are advised to consider contacting an ALI certified inspector if seeking third-party accredited inspection services in support of your lift-safety needs.

The claim presenting “certified inspection” IS MISLEADING TO CONSUMERS.

Lift Inspector