ADG Services, LLC Buyer Beware

A documented complaint by a lift inspector, certified by ALI, and separate documented phone conversations by individuals believing they were on the website of the Automotive Lift Institute have caused ALI Counsel to put ADG Services, LLC on notice to cease and desist any further marketing and/or advertising which would tend to lead to confusion as to their affiliation with ALI in any manner or medium.

  • ADG Services, LLC is in no way affiliated with the Automotive Lift Institute.
  • ADG Services, LLC is not affiliated with Automotive Distributor Group, Inc. (
  • ALI is a registered trademark of the Automotive Lift Institute, Inc.
  • ADG Services, LLC is NOT enrolled or involved with ALI’s Lift Inspector Certification Program.
  • The websites identified above are owned by ADG Services, LLC. These websites are NOT affiliated with ALI or ALI’s Directory of Certified Lift Inspectors located at

ALI objects to the association’s registered trademark “ALI” being used and incorporated by ADG Services, LLC in a manner clearly designed to confuse the industry and consumers for profit.  ADG’s unauthorized use of this trademark, coupled with a conscious decision to incorporate the term “ALI Certified”, and several variations of this term with both “.com” and “.org”, amount to a conscious effort of misrepresentation and trademark violations. Noting multiple past documented interactions relating to the theft and reuse of ALI’s website content as if their own, only recently was the phrase “ADG Services, LLC is NOT affiliated with The Automotive Lift Institute” added to their websites after being advised, by a third party, of the association’s intent to pursue legal remedies if they did not cease and desist.

Before making a decision to contract for lift inspection services, visit the FAQ section ( of ALI’s website and become an educated consumer.